A Thing Of Beauty: Five reasons to consider old-fashioned exterior shutters for your windows

Plenty of people have roller shutters over their patio doors, and it's becoming increasingly common to have wooden shutters installed on the insides of your windows rather than curtains. Proper old-fashioned two-door exterior shutters are still around, though, and there are a surprisingly large number of reasons to consider them. Wondering if they might be the right choice for you? Read on!

  1. Protection From The Elements: Many parts of Australia are occasionally beset by extreme weather conditions, and shutters offer a little help dealing with all of them. They can aid in keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and they offer your windows some protection against storms and hail.  
  2. Enhanced Privacy: There are few things more irritating than being sat in your living room having a quiet night in and realising that every person who walks past on the street is peering in at you. Shutters are unique amongst window coverings in allowing you total concealment without also blocking all the natural light: shutters with operable louvers can let in as much or as little light as you choose, while still being slanted in such a way that they can't easily be peeked through from the outside.   
  3. Total Customisation: There are dozens of ways to customise your shutters and make sure you're getting the perfect set for you. There's a lot of great advice available on how to choose the right visual styles and installation methods for your house, and following it can make a massive difference to the look and value of your property. You can also, of course, pick from thousands of potential colours and designs--from woodcuts to works of art, there are as many ways to customise external shutters as you can dream up.  
  4. Better Home Security Potential: Shutters are an extra opportunity to add a lock to your windows, and safety experts are agreed that a good window lock is the key to better home security. That's not the only benefit they can offer, though: visible high-value items make your home more of a target for potential burglars, and shutters are a great way to keep everything hidden when they're closed.  
  5. A Classic, Gorgeous Look: There's no denying it--well chosen and correctly installed external shutters are beautiful. They're the window covering of choice in every period drama and historical novel you've ever been a fan of, and there's something romantic about a neat, pretty little house with all its windows perfectly shuttered. Adding shutters to the outside of your home will raise a smile on top of all the other many and varied benefits, and a thing of beauty is--after all--a joy forever.

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