The Pros and Cons of Wooden Blinds

One of the most popular materials from which blinds are made is wood. However, you need to consider the benefits and the shortcomings of this material before you decide to make your order for blinds. This article discusses some of those pros and cons.

The Pros

Beauty. Wood is a very beautiful material and it will add a touch of style to your home. Wooden blinds bring a feel of nature into the home because the blinds are made from a natural material. The different kinds of wood (cedar and oak, for example) provide a huge variety of textures and grain structures that you can pick from in order to have remarkable window dressings.

Insulation. Wood is a poor conductor of heat, so your home will be better insulated if you buy wooden blinds. This added insulation will help to keep your home cooler during the hot months of the year. This is because the heat from outside will be kept at bay by the slats of the blinds.

Lightweight. Wooden blinds are relatively light so they will exert less strain on the mechanism used to operate them. It will also be easy for you to lift or lower them. This light weight makes them ideal for use on large windows where the weight of the material selected would be a concern. This is because the blinds would be very wide and need to be as light as possible so that it is possible to raise or lower them with ease.

The Cons

Susceptibility to moisture damage. Wooden blinds can swell and warp after absorbing moisture. This makes them unsuitable for use in places that are prone to moisture accumulation (such as bathrooms and kitchens).

Care is needed when cleaning them. Blinds from other materials such as aluminum or faux wood can be cleaned easily. For instance, you can use a damp cloth to remove a stain on the blind. Such simple remedies may not be advisable if you have wooden blinds. This is because water will damage them, so you have to use cleaners that are specifically recommended for use on wooden blinds.

Information is power, so contact a blinds specialist near you for additional advice on how to pick the most stylish blinds for your home. That specialist will use his or her knowledge and experience to guide you on how to overcome some of the shortcomings of wooden blinds. For instance, he/she may advise you to use faux wood blinds in humid parts of your home like the bathroom.