Restringing the Pulley System on Bamboo Outdoor Roller Blinds

Outdoor roller blinds add an elegance to your patio owing to their design and style. However, sometimes you can experience problems with them owing to a problematic pulley. While they may seem complicated in their set up, it is relatively easy for you to fix the common problems associated with roller blinds. This means that you do not have to buy a new set of roller blinds just because your current blinds appear to have some stringing problems. All you need to know is how the pulley system works and you can go about restringing the roller blinds easily.

How the Rolling Blinds Work

It is important to know how the outdoor roller blinds work. The bamboo blinds have a thin strip of the material that is warped around a roll. Unwinding the roll makes the bamboo shade to cover the window. This is achieved through the action of a pulley that increases tension when you are pulling down the shade. There is a pin that stops the bamboo shades when they are rolled down so that they stay in place. When you pull the shade further to its limit, the action releases the pin and allows the tension to retract the bamboo.

Identify the Problem

Before you start doing anything such as taking down the blinds, you need to first identify the problem. The most common causes of problematic roller blinds is broken or frayed strings. They could also loosen from one end where they are tied and thus cause the problems. At the pulley system, these loose strings could form knots which could interfere with the working of the pulley.

Remove the Roller Blinds

Once you have identified the problem, you then need to take down the blinds. This involves a simple process of using a ladder to access the hinges where the blinds are connected and taking them down. Removing the blinds is important so that you can easily do the stringing. It can help if you have an intact set of roller blinds that you can use as a reference for your restringing.

Restringing the Roller Blinds

Measure the length of the string needed for the project and remove the damaged string.  If you have several damaged strings, it is better to replace them one at a time. You now need to thread in the replacement strings through the holes using the intact roller blinds as a reference. Once this is done, you can replace the blinds on the brackets and check whether they work.

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