3 Shopfitting Tips from the Pros

Your shopfitting techniques, meaning the fixtures you use and how you use them in your store, can have an impact on your business overall. These fittings direct the attention of customers to certain areas and can help to actually put those customers in the mood to shop. Note a few tips from shop fitters for how to use shopfitting for maximum sales.

1. Impact your customer once they walk in.

The minute your customer walks into the store, he or she should have their attention immediately drawn to certain items, as this will ensure they actually stay in your store and will make them want to check out more of your merchandise as well.

A clothing store may have a large table with various items directly in front of the entrance, or a phone store may have a display set up showing the latest models and what they can do. This type of display should catch the eyes of your customers the minute they step foot inside your establishment.

2. Highlight particular items

A good way to get customers to buy while they're inside your store is to continue to highlight certain items in various areas, usually showing how the item can be used or worn. As an example, a clothing store might have an outfit put together on a mannequin or inside a lighted display, to show how several pieces coordinate.

A phone store might have a display of more affordable phones and plans near the back of the store, for bargain shoppers. Never assume that shoppers will simply find items that are on a shelf or rack, but use shopfitting pieces to highlight particular items, and do this generously throughout the store.

3. Create impulse buys

Another great way to increase sales with your shopfitting is to create impulse buys. A customer is usually impulsive about buying smaller, more affordable items, and they may do this right when they're at the register. These impulse buys can be a wide range of items, including perfume sold in clothing stores to apps you can instantly download at the phone store.

However, a customer won't be impelled to buy if these things are not on display. Use shopfittings near your register to highlight or showcase any small, affordable items that your customers may want and which might be overlooked on the store floor.

Just about every type of store can offer something that customers will buy on impulse, including small baked goods in a restaurant, corkscrews at a liquor store, and key chains at an auto parts store. Don't overlook this opportunity to increase sales at the register by creating impulse buys with the right shopfitting.