4 Reasons to Go for an Interior Rather Than Exterior Wardrobe Mirror

Most bedrooms have a mirror, and it's a nice idea to include that mirror with your wardrobe instead of taking up space with a freestanding model. If that's a road you want to go down, you can choose between either full-length exterior mirrors or a separate mirror fitted inside one of the wardrobe doors. Here are just four things to think about when looking to buy a wardrobe mirror. 1. You'll Be Able to Move It Read More 

2 Reasons Why Indoor Blinds Are Vital Additions to Your Baby’s Nursery

For many new parents, designing and installing a new nursery is one of the most important aspects involved in preparing for their new baby. Like many parents-to-be, you may have spent a lot of time and a great deal of money on beautiful furnishings, themed linen, wall art and cot mobiles. Yet, too often one of the most important features of a functional nursery is overlooked. Here are two reasons why high-quality indoor blinds are vital additions to your baby's room. Read More