4 Reasons to Go for an Interior Rather Than Exterior Wardrobe Mirror

Most bedrooms have a mirror, and it's a nice idea to include that mirror with your wardrobe instead of taking up space with a freestanding model. If that's a road you want to go down, you can choose between either full-length exterior mirrors or a separate mirror fitted inside one of the wardrobe doors.

Here are just four things to think about when looking to buy a wardrobe mirror.

1. You'll Be Able to Move It

Probably the best thing about having a mirror built into the inside of one of your wardrobe doors is that you'll be able to move it to see yourself from different angles. If you want to see how you look in a certain light, you can simply adjust the door to suit. You can even add two mirrors on wardrobe doors that oppose each other, then see yourself from behind as well as from the front.

2. You'll Find It Easier to Keep Clean

There are very few things in your home that will be harder to keep clean than a mirror. Yes, they look great when they are perfectly clean, but keeping them that way can feel practically impossible. The odd finger-mark is going to stand out easily, but even dust particles can be seen across the clear reflective surface. Interior mirrors are a lot easier to keep clean since they aren't as exposed. Additionally, you won't feel the same pressure to keep them clean since they won't be on display all the time.

3. You'll Be Able to Maintain the Style of Your Bedroom

A wardrobe with full-length exterior mirror will look great with certain styles, particularly more modern ones. However, they don't fit with all designs. For example, you might want to keep your bedroom looking quite rustic and traditional, which isn't going to work very well with full-length mirrors. Going for an interior wardrobe mirror means that you can go for whatever style you fancy.

4. You'll Only See Your Reflection When You Want to

Okay, maybe you're an international model of the really, really ridiculously good looking variety. In which case, go nuts – literally plaster your whole bedroom with mirrors. Of course, not everyone is so confident about the way they look. It can be a little disconcerting to catch glimpses of yourself all the time in the full-length mirrors of your bedroom wardrobe, especially since the bedroom is where you get dressed and have sex. Fitting an interior wardrobe mirror means you can see yourself whenever you want, but not when you aren't expecting it.